Take the Money and Run

So, back in Okinawa I go through the backlog of mail that arrived during my 6 month hiatus. With invaluable help from friends, I understand that the majority of the mail offers free old people health help. There are offers of Covid boosters, flu shots, colon cancer fun and a lung injection that I do not understand but Arisa says I should get.


Most important, is an offer of 100,000 yen from the the Ginowan Town Hall. This is because I must be very poor as I do not have an income that enters into a tax category. I feel guilty. I have plenty of money and go to the Town Hall to suggest they give it to folks who do not.

They say,”Take the money and run!” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt4pX6TnLJA


In deepest Mexico, it became clear that my creaking Nikon d300 is not up to the job. She has been a wonderful camera but you know.

Poor old thing. Does anyone want it?

With a big lens, auto focus is very important and my dear old, old d300 is very slow and has a great affinity to branch rather than bird. She is also falling apart.

I buy a second hand d500, the best birding camera in the world, from EBay for almost the same price as the gift from Ginowan. This cannot be ethical but take the money and run.

Newish camera with grimy old lens that I will clean..

It is a wonderful camera and I spend hours on YouTube trying to work out how to use it. It has abilities beyond my comprehension.

I take my first bird photo today.

Chinese Bulbul. Lots of fun ahead.

Diego, Okinawa Prefectural Flower, is in bloom.There is tons of it; apparently bad news.



I am gently oiling the teak trim on the boat.

This is a much better option than varnish that burns off very quickly

I have plenty of time as the engine will not start.

Low compression

Kiyuna san reckons that there is a compression problem. He has ordered the parts needed so I might finally get out in the boat next week.

Jacko, Kiyuna san’s doggie.
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