Not Much Really

It is the rainy season in Okinawa. The weather has been very dull. I bumble around.

The boat engine still will not start despite Kiyuna san efforts. He is in no way downhearted, gently eliminating each possible cause of the problem one by one. There is no rush as the weather is awful.

Kiyuna san wires up my spare battery in er series wit the main one. He also replaces all the battery leads.

I do little jobs.

Four coats of varnish on the tiller.

I clean the lamps

One of the good things about the rainy season is the sudden explosion of blooms on the I-Ju trees.

The hills are alive with the sound of I-Ju

I pick up a friend from the airport and swing by the stinking pond so beloved by birds.

Black Faced Spoonbill

Two more

Guess what

Red and Green Shanks

After the excitement of the Mexico adventure, life seems very slow.

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  1. Charming missives – love getting them!

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