RIP Abe Shinzo

I am very saddened by the assassination of Abe Shinzo san.

I never spoke to him but was in close proximity on several occasions.

He visited OIST in 2013.

With Jonathan at OIST.

I also sat behind him at two Irei no Hi ceremonies.

He was a good man. He was a trusted and respected politician, such a rarity these days.

He was also a good friend to OIST.

The fact he was shot in Japan beggars belief. There is essentially no gun crime in Japan. The Japanese do not want to own guns. The strong code of mutual respect and politeness cannot admit guns.

My condolences to the Abe family and all the people of Japan. They have lost a great man in the most awful manner.

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2 Responses to RIP Abe Shinzo

  1. Julie Horner says:

    I’m so sorry. This is just sad. I’m glad you knew him enough to speak so well of him after this terrible thing. What a waste. Take good care, dear long lost friend!

    • Stern Mistress!
      So sad about Abe, so not Japan. Will try to get down to O’Flaherty’s but I didn’t bring my flute and only have a plastic one that is hard to master. Hope you are super well. Lots of love and kisses!

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