Welcome to the Onsen California

Son James and I head North in the Tacoma Truck. James discovers a new lager before we leave. This is a very good omen.

Unless my parents were false, and vain the augury they taught me. 

We are headed to Crater Lake in Oregon on Arisa’s advice. We camp the first night near Whiskeytown Lake. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Whiskeytown+Lake/@40.6275208,-122.6098933,9634m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54d2f139a1707db3:0xc865d3a6a42c8249!8m2!3d40.6221003!4d-122.5541449

We find a perfect place near a tiny town called French Gulch.

Right beside the creek.
We drink the magic potion
We eat lamb chops with Swiss chard.
James encourages the fire.
Wants our food
Food – vegetables ain’t food. Vegetables is what food eats.
Kelly Kettle! Best device for boiling water.

We hammer north through huge areas of burnt forest. So sad, I suppose it will take 50 years to get back to its original state. Probably will not get the chance as huge forest fires seem to happen every year now. They didn’t seem to be a thing when we came to California 20 years ago.

Crater Lake is sublime.

Perfect weather.
Truly amazing place.

We stay the night at the Crater Lake campsite. First time I have ever reserved a camping spot. Clearly the way of the future I am afraid.

Clark’s Nutcracker
Western Wood-Pewee. Not the most spectacular bird but I have never seen one before.

We head South to a hot spring that James knows. By the way, it is very hot, nearly 100F every day. Mind you it seems to be the standard temperature most everywhere in the world.

We set up camp beside a hot spring just beside a lake.

Onsen California
You can never leave.

The water is hot but bearable. In fact it is perfect. A pair of Barn Swallows have set up a nest inside the the Onsen shed. I watch them for hours. I have rarely been so clean.

Mrs or maybe Mr Barn Swallow.
Once they get used to me, they are very tame.

Throughout the day, we soak and then swim in the lake. Paradise.

We have brought James’ kayak and we both paddle around. Great addition to our camping fun stuff.

What an incredible place! Only one other person shows up, also in a Four Wheel Camper, and he keeps himself to himself up in the rocks.

iPhone cameras are incredible. I hear Nikon have stopped making DSLR cameras.

We have to go home. We hammer South, James does all the driving.

Oregon has been great but you know- California.

After a final soak, we leave camp at 8:00 and head for Susanville. Hw 395 through Modoc County is a wonderful road, real cowboy stuff. High desert, hardly any other trucks.

Sand Hill Cranes next to 395.

We finally make it to Susanville and have the biggest breakfast ever at the Lumberjack Diner.

Four sausages, four rashers, big slice of ham, hash browns, two eggs over easy, french toast with butter and syrup, ice water and as much coffee as you can drink! You have to face up to these challenges.

Once again, many thanks to the Taco Truck but above all, thanks to James for excellent company, local knowledge and all the driving.

What a fantastic trip! Oregon and Northern California are hard to beat.

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    WONDERFUL! Thanks!!

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