Sans Teeth, Sans Eyes, Sans Taste, Sans Phone

A reminder that this is a diary. Nothing much happens in this post but it will be fun for me to read in 10 years time.

I take a Lyft down to the Consulate General of Japan to discuss art exhibitions with the charming Mariko san. As soon as the car drives off, I realize I have left my phone on the back seat. A stark reminder of how much I rely on my phone. I cannot get the office number I am supposed to show up at. I cannot contact Lyft. I cannot find bus routes to get home. I do not know where I am.

After meeting on 21st floor of huge building in the financial district, I ask the concierge guy if he could call me a cab. “Sure buddy.” he beams. “Haven’t done that for weeks!”

After much messing around on web sites, I manage to inform Lyft of my predicament and give James’ cell as a contact number. My luck is still strong, the driver contacts James and brings the phone over to the apartment that evening. Thank you Lyft!

The rest of this is just reminders of how nice it is living in San Francisco.

There is a Farmer’s Market on Sunday at the bottom of the Panhandle – 5 mins walk – fruit, vegetables, fish, hot food stalls, all kinds of stuff.

Tons of fruit.

It is a surprisingly hot sunny day. The weather has been foggy and chilly whilst the rest of the State roasts. I like it. I wear woolen sweaters.

Best Dim Sum, steamed in front of you.
Yum Dim Sum
Happy Dim Sum lady with my lunch.

The house is still being renovated, which means we only pay 50% rent – hooray!

Looks like they will paint the house baby blue — hmmmm.

James has bought a dehydrator. Lots of fun as you can make your own jerky, dried fruit, dried vegetables, etc.

What do you want for Xmas?

We go up to Clement, which is like a trip to Beijing.

Fantastic seafood shops.
Blue crabs
Never really come around to eating fish heads.
James chooses best Salmon for the dehydrator
What could be more fun?
So much fantastic fish.
Christmas tree decorations. Earlier every year.
Orion beer from Okinawa!

San Francisco.

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