I am back in Okinawa. It is incredibly hot!


Ichiro san and Tomomi san invite me to dinner. They prepare an amazing meal that we eat in Ichiro sans studio surrounded by fabulous art. Editorial note–I have a new keyboard, the previous one died of mold when I was away. I cannot figure out how to find the apostrophe. Sorry.

Ichiro san with bowl from Campbeltown pottery.
We eat off old Imari pottery
Delicious sashimi under the onions and tomatoes
Yanbaru gazpacho

We also had a delicious octopus salad and cake but forgot to take photos. We drank way too much!

Next morning, feeling like death, we set off at 6;00 to try to find the elusive Okinawa Rail.

The rails welcome me back to Okinawa by posing. These are very rare birds
It is impossible to take photos like this if you see what I mean

Ichiro san is probably the best rail guide in the world.

These flowers will fall off in a few minutes. They bloom at night and die in the morning. So sad!
These butterflies are very big, maybe4 inches across

What a first day back!

My car, Suzuki Palette. It has a brutish 600cc motor and can support boats no bother

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