Ain’t Half Hot, Mum

I don’t think I will come back to Okinawa in August. It is just too hot. I will stay in California or maybe Scotland. As the boat is still unwell, I have little to do and I begin to feel disenchanted with my beloved island. I also get food poisoning.

Blue moon. Hand held camera.

Not to worry, my general spleen is soon chased away by the wonderful Okinawans.

I donate my collection of Irish music CDs, which has been sitting in a cupboard in San Francisco for 10 years, to a young couple who are devotees of genre. They are so pleased and grateful.

Okinawa kids are so cute!

They give me beautiful fruit from their garden.


I have to go up to Onna son to get some beautiful bowls from potter friend Saora san.

Good for porridge

Tomomi san and Shinobu san join us for a fantastic meal. We go to the best restaurant in the world. I used to go here a lot and the two ladies who run the place became firm friends. I have not been back since I moved down to Ginowan – big mistake. They now have a website with English!

Japanese women have such wonderful posture. We drink freshly squeezed mango juice.

Every thing we eat and drink is either grown or caught by Ishigaki san, Noda san or her husband whose name I have forgotten, so we will call him Mr Noda. They also do all the cooking.

Octopus, caught earlier in the day, with goya salad. photo Tomomi
The best sashimi -so fresh! Scallop, Okinawan whelk. octopus, 5 different fish, umibudou with lots of Shikuwasa, which Mr Noda was plucking from the tree in the garden as I arrived. Nunc Dimittis

We then get Goya Champuru and Okinawan vegetables.

I do not know what the white vegetable is called but it is delicious. Notice ruins of the champuru in the background. photo Tomomi
Huge garlic fish. Photo Tomomi
Mango Pineapple, Dragon fruit, Shikuwasa. Photo Tomomi
Noda san presents the fruit. photo Tomomi

What hospitality, what a welcome, what a meal, what a great evening!

left to right, Mr Noda san, Shinobu san, Tomomi san, Noda san, Ishigaki san, me, Saora san. They treated us like family!

So heartwarming, my delight in Okinawa is restored.

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2 Responses to Ain’t Half Hot, Mum

  1. calderi says:

    Ah – we remember the Ladies with great joy. Marvellous to hear they are well.

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