Eating My Way to San Francisco

The night before I leave, we go to the local izakaya.

Fried squid, pork with bean shoots, lots and lots of beer!
Horsemeat sashimi!

Salmon nigiri

I then eat my way across the Pacific in United Airlines business.

Gin and tonic
Beef and potatoes. I wish I was on ANA
Home again!
Incredible prosciutto sandwich from adjacent corner store

All of this eating took place in less than 24 hours! Well, you do gain a day flying East to West across the Pacific

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3 Responses to Eating My Way to San Francisco

  1. MikeT says:

    Yummee overall but don’t they have pastrami in SF ?

    • Hi Mike,
      Come to think of it there is little pastrami n SF. You get it in Reuben sandwiches but that is about it. Hope you and your massive brood are doing well

      • Mike Taylor says:

        Come on there must be a NY deli somewhere in SF. Brood well thanks, currently in Nigeria, Honduras, Senegal, Australia and, more conventionally, Luxembourg. Bises, Mike

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