Goodness, Gracious, Me

Back in Okinawa!

Air travel is back to normal. After two and some years of empty airports and empty planes this trip was back to the harsh reality of overcrowded airport and full plane.

I rent a car from my friend Kano san.

He is such a great guy. He has a boat called Cutty Sark.

I have extreme jet lag. I never used to suffer from this but in my dotage it takes a toll. I deal with important stuff immediately, water machine and health.

Ice cold and boiling water a disposition

I go straight to the local clinic for a full check up. I have received a letter from the Ginowan Town Hall to inform me that, as I am in my dotage, I can have free total check up and flu jab. They see me immediately.

Shoko san is a wonderful person. She points out that not only is everything free but that I also get a 3000 yen voucher to spend as I wish. Probably alcohol!

Nagasaki sensei, er the doctor, has become a friend. He gives me a a beautiful pottery beer mug.We understand each other.

I will use it assiduously

OK the boat, I mean that is why I am here in Okinawa really. Kiyuna san calls me. We go to look at the current engine status.

The engine has been stolen!
Phew, we find it, admittedly in bits.

I query Kiyuna san as to the extent of awfulness. Dai jo bu he explains. I fix.

I am not a mechanic, I am a magician!

Arisa and I go to a restaurant that is only 2 minutes walk from my place. We have never been before. Its signage is so muted that you can walk by without realizing that it is a restaurant – so Japanese, er good wine needs no bush.

No better sashimi than this
Succulent pig’s feet or trotters should you prefer

We also had a plate of of delicious fu champuru but we were too far gone on beer and sake to take a photo.

Much happiness is usually accompanied with a balancing quantity of pain.

Returning to my apartment fom the airport, I switch on my computer. It does not respond. It is dead. Ouch! I try other power sources, no sign of life. Oh no!

In desperation, I take the computer to a local computer repair place. This morning, er Sunday, they send me an email saying the computer is OK. It is a miracle

What does it mean? They charge me nothing

So all of this is good but the really important event of the weekend was the Black Ferns win over England in the Women’s Rugby World Cup Final. England were the favorites; they had been victors in their last 30 games. Victorious but awful. Their game is so negative. Rolling mauls from huge chunks of flesh with zero personality. God bless New Zealand! Their game was based on speed, skill, fun.and personality. It is so rare to see fun vanquish professionalism. Such amazing athletes.

Match highlights!

Ruby Tui leads the singing:

Yay Black Ferns!

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