Happiness and Joy

Okinawa weaves its net of charm on me again.

For a start, Kiyuna san is hard at it, restoring the Yanmar to pristine condition.

Not many of you have one of these I imagine.
Looks OK to me but Kiyuna san wants new valves and valve seats. So be it.

I pass by the Tomari Fish Market, a glorious place that I have mentioned many times before. So much really fresh fish.

Quick lunch.
Massive Tuna waiting for the chop.
Cannot resist fresh octopus

The big event was the opening of Ichiro san’s exhibition of byobus, made more lovely by fabulous ikebana displays by Tomomi san.

Hooray! Check out some of Ichiro san’s videos here; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kikuta+Ichiro

On our way to the exhibition, we stop for soba in a very old restaurant near Shurijo.

So good

The exhibition is held in a building of sublime Japanese beauty that used to be the guest house for ambassadors, VIPs and the like.


Beautiful building and surrounding park.

The building only uses Okinawan hardwoods
One of Tomomi’s pieces
Asuka san, Ichiro san, Mkio Uehara san great guy who used to be a security guard at OIST, me, Tomomi san, Kiyuna san.
Buy one now.
Me and Kiyuna san. Old but not wise.
Kiyuna san gives me an old wood carving. He says it looks like me!
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3 Responses to Happiness and Joy

  1. Well, looks like your attitude for sure!

  2. wonderful photos! (as always)

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