La Foule

Sitting in front of my computer I am disturbed by a recurrent beep. Where is it coming from? I imagine it to be computer generated and so switch off and then on anything that might emanate a beep; to no avail. I look everywhere with no success. It drives me crazy! Luckily on a call with illustrious friend Naoko, it starts beeping. She recognizes it as the fire alarm asking for its battery to be changed.

So annoying especially at 02;00.

I try to open the device to change the battery but can’t. I worry abut breaking it. I go to Tomiya Housing who are my sort of landlord. They are so sweet! A young lady, Sumika san, who speaks impeccable English, organizes for someone to come and fix the difficulty.

“When do you think this person can come?”


I ask where she learned English.

” I was at school in Vevey in Switzerland.”

You never know.

The guy follows me to my apartment and installs new fire detectors in every room.

Very nice guy

Everything is fixed within an hour of me walking into the office. This is living in Japan. There is no charge. It is the owner’s responsibility.

Kiyuna san worries about my health. He comes to my apartment to install a device which he has designed and built that turns, what he refers to as dead tap water, into living healing water. Well, you know, give it a go.

The cylinder is packed with ancient stones.
Job done, he roars off on his 1945 Harley.

So Jiang Zemin has died. I met him. He visited CERN and went to see the L 3 experiment, conceived, built and led by the redoubtable Sam Ting.


Emportez par la foule, excuse poor grammar but I can’t find accents on my Japanese keyboard, I end up standing beside him. Hey watch on YouTube. You will not regret it.
Yep. She died a year later

The conversation went like this.

“It is very big.”

“Yes it is very big”

“It is red”

“Yes it is red”

” I do not understand”

” No, no”

Most powerful man in the world. Probably.

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2 Responses to La Foule

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    “Ancient stones” you mean like Mick and Keith ?

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