The Goose Is Getting Fat

Japan do not qualify for the quarter finals but they have been magnificent. In some ways, through their joyful play, sportsmanship, good manners and of course the behavior of their fans, Japan won the tournament.

There has been nothing but praise here in Japan. Other countries might turn on their players and management when in defeat. Not here, it is just respect and thanks.

Some more stuff about how nice it is to live in Okinawa. When in the housing office, Tomiya Housing by the way, I notice a sign that indicates that they can organize, cleaning and servicing of air-conditioning units. Mine have been blowing away for getting on for 3 years, so I ask Sumiya san if she can get a technician to come round my place. A couple of minutes on the phone, “Neil san, two technicians will be there at 09:00 tomorrow.”

High pressure water line

Two very cool young guys, wearing classic Japanese tool belts, show up at exactly 09:00. They are happy, smiling and of course extremely polite.

Notice belt.

To avoid getting under their feet, I go to the Post Office, 5 mins walk away, to send off Xmas stuff to the family in UK.,127.7519198,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x34e513321e552b85:0xc423973c37e6b243!8m2!3d26.2900393!4d127.7545323

If you do street view in the Post Office photos and scroll to the right, you can see my apartment building. It has a blue box on the roof.

Conveniently sister Rosy and husband Barry hold a big family get together at Xmas so I can send everything in one box.

The Post Office. The box.

This used to be relatively straightforward; pack all the trinkets in Japan Post Office box, fill in a reasonably simple form and that was that.

No longer!

Oh no

Now everything has to be done online through an app.

I try but fail totally. Click on image a couple of times to get a close up.

Although the instructions in English are clear, it does not work out like that and I get horribly lost. In the end I despair and give up. One of the ladies behind the counter notices my desperation and comes to see if everything is dai jo bu. I explain in useless Japanese and mime and Google translate that I am abandoning. “On no!” she says, ” Little children want Santa Claus come. They be very happy!”

She gets an IPad and does everything for me. This takes a really long time as you now have to describe each item and state its value. There are probably 20 knick-knacks in the box! The Post Office is very busy but she concentrates on getting my package sent. So kind!

Happy official Post Office poster
Another – so playful!

Thanks so much Japanese Post Office lady.

I charge back to the apartment. I have taken much, much longer than I thought and expect the repair A/C guys to be understandably annoyed. Silly me, they are waiting patiently, all smiles. No charge!

An octopus

Living is easy in Japan.

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3 Responses to The Goose Is Getting Fat

  1. Mike Taylor says:

    Is that the same ” in principle” as the French “en principe” meaning there may be ( a long list of) exceptions ? Plus i love the eu countries “etc”.

    • Hi Mike! Confused, I do not see “in principle” in the post. “I love eu countries:” where does that come from? Are we talking about the same text. Anyway lots of love and kisses from Okinawa!

      • Dear Mike, I have examined the post more carefully. You are referring to the instructions. I am so used to Japanese English that my hackles no longer rise!
        Grosses bises

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