Well, not really but very cold for Okinawa.

It went down to 11 yesterday. The island is in shock

I actually like this as I can wear a sweater and even socks!

The engine is fixed!

Thunka, thunk

I start the massive clean up. The boat is filthy. All internal spaces are black with mildew and all the wood is dry and grey.

The wood glugs down teak oil.
Getting better but a couple more doses I think.

The cabin is a disgrace, especially the roof.

Buy this stuff. It is instant death to mildew.
Cabin roof before
Cabin roof after.

All the painted surfaces are grimed and I patiently wash them down.

Tuna eyes, here only to mark break in this narrative.

I get this.

Google translate tells me that Ginowan city wants to give me 50,000 yen because times are hard for we old timers

Unfortunately there is a form to fill in that defeats even Google translate.

See what I mean.

I go up to the Ginowan Town Hall to beg help. Everyone is adorable and help me fill in the form with lots of laughter and smiles. I point out that I do not really need this money. “Happy Xmas Neil san ” they chortle.

All Japanese school kids carry a satchel. I am amazed how much they cost!

Invest in education!

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5 Responses to Freezing!

  1. MikeT says:

    Yep, those tuna eyes certainly broke the narrative, just like the scene in Pulp Fiction when a sudden murder spoiled the other guy’s concentration.

  2. virtuallyrachelgmailcom says:

    Tried to leave a comment via the other route you offer, but I failed. Just want to say that your missives are delightful! ☺ Raytch

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