What a Happy Time!

Xmas approaches and it is still very cold by our standards. I spot something that I never thought I would see on Okinawa – a hot water bottle!

Hard to believe.
Pacific Golden Plover dreaming of hot water bottles

Anyway on Xmas Day we have a fantastic dinner at my place. Few people have ovens on Okinawa so traditional roast turkeys and geese are out. Instead, we have a Mexican/ Spanish extravaganza.


Aperitif – Manzanilla de Sevilla

Coctel de Pulpo – http://www.comidamexicana.com/recetas/item/338/coctel-de-pulpo – Champagne

Tacos de Carne Asada, Lengua, Tripas and Pescado – Champagne

Paella – Rioja

Okinawan Salad – Champagne

Christmas Pudding with Brandy Butter – none of us can drink anymore

Dundee Cake – various Japanese tisanes.

It is a staggeringly delicious and fun meal!

Coctel de Pulpo. Just add the cold Clamato!
Saora san and Izumi sensei cook up taco meats.
We gorge on tacos
Paella! with Naoko’s delicious salad, it it skillfully interlayered with salad and tuna. A healthy millefeuilles.
Christmas Pudding!
Arisa, Izumi, Manami Sophia, Naoko! Ichiro, Saora, Tomomi. I am so lucky to have such talented and funny friends. A singer, a professor of neuroscience, a university administrator, an artist, a Yachimun potter, an ikebana sensei. So much more I could add!
Tomomi san bakes a delicious Dundee cake!

Especially good to see guests of honor Naoko and her daughter, who now live in Hokkaido.

Everybody brings something and the cooking is communal, much glee.


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