What Next?!

Amazon is of course the best entertainment in the world. When a little bored, you think of something you would like, order it on Amazon and Shazzam! it arrives the next day er usually. I decide I want apple sauce to eat with pork. I track it down, order it and the next day I find this.

My God!

I have written before about the wonders of package delivery in Okinawa. Someone comes to your door with the package between 08:00 and 20:00 everyday of the week. They grin, you sign and everyone is very happy. If you are not at home, they leave a chit with a phone number. You call and you choose exactly what time you would like it to be redelivered.

All this has changed. They now just leave the package outside the front door, California style. The chances of the package being nicked in Okinawa is zero. I am amazed that in San Francisco nothing seems to get nicked neither.

Brave New World

Anyway, I have had consistent acute diarrhea, or diarrhoea if you are British, probably the same condition, since I went to Mexico last year. I have waited for it to go away, have self medicated with stuff from pharmacies in Mexico, USA, Scotland and Japan, have consulted Nagasaki sensei who has prescribed various Chinese medicines, all to no avail. I think my gut is infested with droves of Mexican parasites.

Nagasaki sensei and I decide the time has come to consult a specialist gastroenterologist. The wonderful Shoko san tracks down an English speaking one and gives me full instructions of how to get to the hospital. It is called Chubu Hospital.

She is the best! Thank you Shoko san.

I turn up at the hospital and present the introduction letter from Nagasaki sensei. They politely inform me that there are two Chubu Hospitals in Okinawa and I have come to the wrong one. “Dai jo bou Neil san, we can look after you here.”

Chubu is a standard Japanese public hospital. You turn up at out patients at anytime and they will help you.


Blood pressure, weight and then I am asked to wait, English spelling is so odd. Very sincere apologies from the nurses as they are very busy and I will have to wait some time.

I see the doctor, who is young and speaks goos English. I explain that my gut is swarming with Mexican parasites. He examines me and then sends me off for a blood test and a stool collection exercise.

She has my sample

I wait for a bit, which is actually enjoyable as I watch Okinawan TV. I have not had a television since 2010 and this is a novelty.

This guy presents a wild life show. Notice resemblance to David Attenborough

There is a commercial break and there is Arisa!

She made this about 10 years ago and it is still playing.

I am called back to the doc who explains the results of the blood test. Apparently I am severely hypothyroid. Not sure what this means but he prescribes medication and apologizes for the fact that it will take longer to get the results of the stool analysis.

Off I go to the adjacent pharmacy to get my prescription filled.

A charming lady brings me a cup of coffee as I wait for my drugs.

Such fun.

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6 Responses to What Next?!

  1. rosemary.mulady says:

    Wow. Wonder how long that has been going on. You may be 10x Margie’s size but you share the same problem as she had to take pills for it.Well done going and getting tested.Wonder what the bowels will show.XXXR 

    • Hi Rosy, yes I wonder how long this has been going on. I think there is hyperthyroid – run around, sleepless, hyper active, auntie Margie. Then hypothyroid – slobs round, listless, gain weight, me! Turns out two of my best friends have the same condition but did’t want to talk about it. I am printing t-shirts!

      • Rosemary says:

        Thats right Barry was hyper, god but could he eat. Pills sorted him out and he is over it now.
        Margie was the other and pills sorted her but she had to keep taking them whereas for B it was just a reset.
        Perhaps you will discover you are really a skinny man!

  2. Alan says:

    Diarrhoea – acute diarrhoea. Poor guy. The snowy wilds of northern Hokkaido not the place to get caught short with that affliction. Kudos to you for giving it a go!
    Was it hypothyroidism the doctor said or maybe it was hyperthyroidism? Margie was hyperthyroid. One of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism is diarrhoea whilst hypothryoidism goes the other way to constipation!
    Looking forward to the stool sample results!

    • Yes, Hokkaido was stressful. However over the last year I have adopted a behavior pattern whereby wherever I am, I locate the nearest toilet, just in case. My diarrhea is so muscular that it has clearly beaten my hypothyroidism into submission!

  3. You have my deepest sympathy (the affliction is so not fun) …. glad you are keeping us posted.

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