Dear Diary

A couple of nights ago. Hand held with no subsequent editing.

I fill up the car. This is a rare event as it uses hardly any gas. Gas stations in Okinawa are wells of happiness.

He cleans the windscreen after he has taken away all the trash that collects inside the car.

He also hangs a red thing on the wing mirror. I am not sure why.

I think it reminds you of things you should not do and also publicizes special offer.

I go up to OIST to see some people. I thoroughly enjoy myself. The campus was closed to visitors for over 2 years and it is only now that I can reconnect. People are very nice to me.

I even pop into a symposium. Nostalgic

I pay my annual Marina bill.

This is about $1800, which I think is very reasonable.

Anyway the best bit is nearly a whole day sailing with Kim and Otis. Neither has done any sailing before. The wind is strong and I wonder if it is a good idea to go out but on the other hand it is a glorious day and we should be ok if I reef the mainsail and only unwind half the jib.

I run a very tight ship.
Kim is lots of fun
Difficult o get the sail looking good when it is reefed.
Congratulations Otis!
She is not at her best when beating against the wind with reefed mainsail and a little jib.

So it is very windy, 15 – 20 knots, not ideal for complete beginners but the Norfolk Gypsy is a strong sea boat and with reduced sail we have a wonderful afternoon. I do nothing; Otis helms and Kim looks after the jib.

Well done boat!

Thanks Kim and Otis for being such good, unflappable crew. This is the boat’s first major workout of the year and I spot many things that need adjusting and finessing. Above all the engine, started and drove us out of and into the harbor perfectly. Thank you Kiyuna san!

I wake up the next day, which is today, Sunday, with the old, familiar, sensation of light sunburn – very pleasant. Sailing is good for you. The door bell rings and a very polite young man hands me my health insurance card for next year. Another year of fabulous health care delivered to my door on a Sunday morning!

The literature that goes with it is typically playful.

To overfill the cup of joy, I learn that France have absolutely smashed England at rugby. What is it about England that makes people, well me at least, rejoice in their defeat?

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