Across the Great Divide

Divisadero is a street a few blocks from the house. It used to be pretty run down and a bit shady. It was the home of the much lamented BBQ place Da Pitt.

It is now much gentrified. James and I go for a Saturday morning stroll.

Nice old houses.

We go for a cup of tea. This is not tea as I know it.

No PG Tips
You order on a screen.
The closest I could get to nice cup of tea. Actually it was delicious.
I think they were singing about the coronation.
One of local dope shops. Very clean and unhippyish. A bit like Boots the Chemist.

Lots of fun shops.

Only comics
Best junk shop
Excellent choice of Dutch Ovens.
Good deal on Iran.

San Francisco is a great city to wander around.

A Belted Galloway that I painted in 2006! Turned up recently.
Five more years of fun! Thanks DMV
Outside my window just now.

Mice in the kitchen. We go hunting behind the fridge.

Boo, no rats!
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