Post Typhoonism

The worst thing about yesterday’s typhoon was that it started too late so I could not see its full fury. It built during the afternoon and went totally crazy at about 9:00 – too late to see.

Barographs don't usually do much. The same old line just goes round and round for weeks on end with minimal variation. Check this: This is last night! The dip to the right is last week's storm which impressed greatly at the time.

Howling and screaming the storm scared me and I only went outside when I realized that my diving gear that I thought was in a place sheltered from the wind was about to be blown away. I rescued it but was literally blown off my feet. This very amateur video may give you some idea – it gets confused when I fall over.

All power goes and I go to bed in the pitch dark with only my IPad to light my way.

I wake at 6:00 and everything is back to normal except the countryside looks like a huge comb has been dragged through it.

"The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm." — Confucius

I watched a farmer plant each on of these whatever they are by hand. Took him the whole day

This morning

I think he will have to start again.


Poor butterfly with tattered wings. Where do butterflies go during Typhoons?


So here’s to you Captain McWhirr. I cannot imagine being out on a boat during that kind of thing.

Life goes on - on the balcony flowers as I write- where did she hide?


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