Cowboy is a Verb, not a Noun

Today, I set off for the reef behind Tigh na Mara. It is a pretty good swim from the house across the lagoon to the deep water.

You can see the waves breaking on the reef behind these folks.

However the lagoon is only about 4 metres deep and so there is no trepidation. Although not big-fish-whoa-what-is-that snorkeling, there is lots to see. The water is still warm and I am out for 2 hours.

Little blue fish

Big weirdo starfish. It is about 12 inches across

I finally make it to the reef. The drop-off goes down about 60 ft and there is this feeling that nobody ever comes out here. This is difficult to quantify but at the popular dive spots you just know that lots of people have been there. Not at reefo del Tigh na Mara.

There is lots of damage to the coral from the recent mega typhoons. There are big fish and best of all,  a cuddly turtle who comes by with Okinawan courtesy to say “Konicihwa.” There are large Remora attached to its shell. I hope they get on with one another. Anyway I was unable to photograph this glory as my camera knew that it would be a great shot and so went on strike.

On the swim back I pick up some snapped-off coral and some shells.

Loot – the coral smells obnoxious

This really is a great place to live.



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