Wonderful Feeling of Superiority

I think it is something about being British that makes me enjoy disdain. We revel in it. Best computer, football team, ski resort, band, brand of jeans, political party,whatever; I know the best and have disdain for those who think differently. One-upmanship is in our genetic make-up.

Thus I revel in reading about hurricanes in other parts of the world. I come home tonight to find that the top news story on the BBC web space is this.

Kid’s stuff

Category two!! Here in Okinawa we don’t even empty our noses on category two typhoons, but it is the top news story on the world’s most visited media site. Why is this? What does it say about the medias’ balanced coverage? Can’t be bothered to work out an answer.

So, that is the perfect transition into my Hibisci.

Second Hibiscus

Third Hibiscus

My sister Rosie, who is very learned in the ways of plants, suggested I get a Brugmansia, which is a flowering tree that smells nice in the evening, for the huerto sellado.

“Sure, sure!” says I, imaging the communication impasse as I try to explain Brugmansia in  Japanese.

“Just show them  a picture on your Iphone.” sagely states the sister.

I show the garden place lady this.

” Hai!! Wakarimashitanokitatanakagusuku.” she asserts and takes me to a table with loads of Brugmansia. I buy three because they are very cheap.

A bit peely-wally at the moment but I will show you more next Spring.

Thanks Rosy.

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1 Response to Wonderful Feeling of Superiority

  1. Rosemary says:

    The scent will be deafening. They do get big though – you will need to be brutal with them.

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