Huerto Sellado

Tigh Na Mara comes with a sealed garden. It is actually a fully enclosed courtyard open to the skies. I intend to turn it into a home for fallen Hibisci. I see the poor things hanging around in garden shops willing to sell themselves to the first comer for a measly 480 yen. I will rescue them and give them a good home.

The huerto sellado had  a shrine in it when I looked around the house.

Religious period

It then filled up with all kinds of junk during the move. Anything that we did not know where to put, er, we put in the huerto sellado.

Today I cleaned it out. The biggest challenge was the exercise machine, which you may remember from previous post.

Anyway,  you could increase or decrease the resistance with a toggle button connected to complex electronics. These failed such that you could only increase the resistance and so in testing, I incrementally made it more difficult to use. So I decided to chuck it. I should add that I was also too idle to use it.

It is a big, heavy piece of kit. I was very anxious about how I would move it out of the huerto sellado onto the roadside. I dismantled it as much as I could but it still seemed unfeasible. Friends pass by. They offer to help. I tell them the very complex plan I have worked out but one of them says”Why don’t we try this?” Wherupon he lifts up the machine, carries it out of the huerto sellado and dumps it on the roadside.

This was an unpleasant demonstration that I posses a plentiful lack of wit, together with most weak hams.

The guy at the back whose name is Skye did the lifting.

Anyway, I hosed, brushed and re-organized.

Aerial view

I then moved in my fallen women. I love Hibisci. They are very space age. I intend to fill the courtyard with many, many Hibisci plants. I think they will do well as they are protected from the wind, which is the main plant killer in Okinawa.

Big Red and the start of my home for fallen Hibisci

My first Hibiscus

I am very excited by this project as I have not mentioned that you look into the huerto sellado from the kitchen and one of its sides is entirely glass, making the huerto serrado part of the interior.  So, once crammed with Hibisci it will be, er, nice.

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