Check Out My Crib

One disadvantage of retirement is that your employer no longer pays you. Strange but true. As I move towards that state I realize that I will have to downsize residentially. My wonderful, beautiful house that has delighted me for the last 5 years and more, will have to go. Too expensive.

Today, I get the keys for my new crib. One thing, of the many, I have learned in Japan is that you do not need a lot of space. Once you abandon the concept of a bedroom filled with huge bed and welcome the tatami mat and futon, which are cupboarded during the day, you liberate significant amounts of space.


Cupboard is where you stash sleeping equipment during the day.


The entrance. Toilet and shower on left. Extra bedroom on right.


Lots of light.


La cuisine


Extra bedroom.


Atomic toilet


Wash away my sins

I like this place. This will be my Okinawa base for the next few years. The rent is absurdly cheap.


They very nicely named the building after me. My place is the 3rd floor corner apartment.


I go for a tramp around the hood.


Modern Okinawan architecture.


I like this better


Stand and deliver

What fun.


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8 Responses to Check Out My Crib

  1. Alan says:

    Looks perfectly comfortable and climbing those stairs will keep you healthy. Searching for N’s Garden finds a restaurant praised for it’s home-baked croissants but no sign of apartment of that name – is it nearby? That shower arrangement looks strange – seems a perfect arrangement to guarantee a flooded bathroom.
    When do you do the move? Where do we send post to now? Where are you for Christmas?

    • Hmm good question. I do not know my post code,which is all important in Japan as there are no real street names. You can still send stuff to the old house as I remain until 24 December. There are two great restaurants a couple of minutes walk away. Search for Ganso sea grapes in Onna son in Google Maps.

  2. Alan says:

    On consideration I suspect that the bathroom is actually a wetroom so no problemo! Will you be permitted to ritually burn gobbets of flesh on the balcony?

  3. Rosemary says:

    Ah tis a sad day we left the croft.

  4. calderi says:

    Looks a very fine pad. I don’t suppose that it rains all the time, and worth being friends with the crab, in case the awamori keeps you at ground level.

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