All I Want is a Room Somewhere

After weeks of disheartening search, suddenly I have a new apartment in Ginowan. I signed the lease.

I am so pleased. It is in a very shabby building with ghastly views but it is walking distance from 3 supermarkets, a million restaurants, 10 minutes on the bike to the boat, 5 minutes to the sea. I am so looking forward to living in the city after nine and a half years of being out in the very beautiful sticks.

Here is a preview.

Lots of space
Tatami room
Main room and kitchen.
Floor plan

It is much bigger than than my current place and super cheap. I look forward to entertaining.

Many thanks to Arisa san who has been so energetic and encouraging during the search. Without her help I would have given up weeks ago!

Here is a video tour:


I move in on 9 July.,127.7558278,279m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x34e56cdab0fe68e9:0x4ba1c0e4ad0da5fc!2sGinowan,+Okinawa!3b1!8m2!3d26.2815391!4d127.7785065!3m4!1s0x34e5132e013d4475:0xc3db2b482bc3002e!8m2!3d26.2899726!4d127.7559254

Lots to do; cancel contract on current apartment, cancel gas, electricity, water, fire insurance, organize movers, officially move out of Onna, officially move into Ginowan, set up gas, electricity, water, set up super high speed internet, get AC installed in new place. All this in a language that I do not speak. May sound daunting but it is stuff like this that teaches you so much about another country. I am looking forward to it. I am blessed with wonderful Japanese friends who will help me.

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8 Responses to All I Want is a Room Somewhere

  1. Alan says:

    Interesting looking place. Lots of room and seems to have all you need. Do you get a parking place for the car with it or do you have to sort one out separately? Is there a heating system built in? A lot to do in only a couple of weeks so hope it all goes smoothly. I’ll still miss addressing stuff to N’s Garden though!

    • Hi Alan,
      Yep I get my own parking place. Heating not really an issue here. Maybe a couple of weeks in January , February. However AC is absolutely essential. I am installing two new units to keep the place cool. They can be switched to heat mode if needed.

  2. Rachel Claus says:

    Absolutely MARVELOUS! very happy for you…this is going to be so great! Please get me your address so cards and letters etc can be sent (should the mood hit me). Congratulations on the lovely new abode! ~ Rachel

  3. calderi says:

    Looks splendid – so good to be near food.
    How is your thumb these days?

    • Thumb is back to normal. I do not know how or why. I am delighted as I was unable to grasp tools properly. Weather has been either very windy or very wet so little boating. Are you still housebound or can you roam Clapham freely?

      • calderi says:

        We can roam but nothing much open. Future looks pretty bleak. But we are fine. Teno-synovitis a mysterious entity. Living over a bar is bound to be interesting.

  4. Rachel Claus says:

    re: “All I Want Is a Room Somewhere”….that phrase brought back the whole musical for me all day and it was delightful…THANKS! ~Rachel

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