Another One Bites the Dust

The last few days have been less than ideal. As I mentioned in the last post one of my molars suddenly came loose and wobbled all over the place. Much misery and pain. I have lived on a diet of painkillers, antibiotics, soft boiled eggs, bananas and miso soup, as anything more dense always seemed to strike against the sore tooth.

This morning I go to have it untimely ripped. This is always fun, tooth extraction is my hobby.

My old partner in crime, Mori sensei, explains that for some reason the bone around the tooth had rotted.

Ours not to reason why. I had a full check up only 3 weeks previously and nothing was wrong. I can only guess it is a punishment for some evil deed.

Maybe I should find a new hobby.
Super fun nurse, Ryu san!

Lots of anaesthetic dispensed from a device that plays calming music at the same time. Mori sensei attacks with the pliers and wiggles the tooth from side to side before easing it out. I take many photos but they are too gruesome to post. So much blood. He then removes lots of diseased bone tissue and whacks in some stitches. Such fun.

He’s the man

I am the given lots of medication and go home.

On these occasions I always think of Samuel Pepys , who had a bladder stone, “the size of a tennis ball” removed as he was doubled over on his kitchen floor. An incision was made through his perineum and the stone removed with horrible tongs. No anaesthesia nor hygiene. “Pepys’ wound did not heal particularly well, but he was enormously grateful to be free from pain.”

I feel the same. Not a great morning but so glad to be free from pain.

Lots of medication

I have lots of pills to take and go back tomorrow to check that all is well. Thank you Japanese health service.

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4 Responses to Another One Bites the Dust

  1. Mieke says:

    I hope you get well soon Neil! Happy painless thoughts coming your way from the Netherlands.

  2. Rachel Lehmer Claus says:

    Hope you are feeling better now. Pretty amazing that you can undergo these events and manage to write happily about them; GOOD on you!!


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